2022 Aug

Summer update

The sun is coming out more and more, it gets warmer and birds are chirping outside: the summer is here! For the UCF Foundation, the summer season is very exciting as we look back on yet another eventful academic year and we start to slowly and hopefully look forward to the new academic year. Continue reading to find out more about our latest fundraising events and our ideas for the new year.

Looking back: Bake sales & BOSK

With help from engaged students and talented organizers from our study association, we were able to raise almost 600 Euros for our Foundation by hosting two lovely events in the past months. 

Bake Sale at the Open Mic Night

Starting off with the hit of the academic year at University College Fryslân, the bake sale at the Open Mic Night was, as well as the entire event, a great success. It was an energizing evening with fun performances from staff and students with the option of donating to UCFF by purchasing homemade cakes and treats by other students. Attendees enjoyed the musical performances while supporting UCFF by having snacks. 

BOSK by Arcadia

Similarly, the BOSK event by Arcadia helped us raise money to support UCFF to uplift our students at University College Fryslân. We opened our building to the public to join engaging guest lectures, to complete a scavenger hunt or to craft a protest sign to raise awareness to global warming and climate change. In UCFF manner students and staff provided homemade cakes, sandwiches and other snacks that could be enjoyed in exchange for a donation to UCFF. With the fun music and a welcoming atmosphere, a lot of people came to learn about the environment and enjoy the provided goods.

Thanks to your generosity and together with the previous events and the continuous commitment of our long-time partner Stichting Studentenfonds Bert Bokxem we managed to raise more than 10.000 EUR this year. Thank you for all your support in making our education accessible to everyone!

What is next?

We will start the academic year in September with the recruitment of a new group of volunteers and develop an events calendar for fundraising events. Next to that, we will continue our efforts to connect with old and new partners for sustainable collaborations. Finally, as we are celebrating the 5-year Lustrum of the Global Responsibility & Leadership programme, we will also organise various activities connected to this in the upcoming year. The first one is on October 6th, you can already mark your calendar. More information will follow soon. 

As you can see, we are very energised to continue raising funds for the foundation in order support our students as much as possible. Keep an eye on the website to stay up to date and see how you can participate!

We look forward to seeing you again at one of our next UCF Foundation activities.

Have a good summer!