Misha Haider, Pakistan

Hi! My name is Misha Haider and I am from Pakistan. Presently, I am enrolled in the bachelor program ‘Global Responsibility & Leadership’, at University of Groningen.

After finishing high school, my focus on what I wanted to achieve in life was crystal clear. I wanted to acquire the skillset necessary for a professional career geared towards achieving a cleaner environment, absolute tolerance for diversity of opinion, greater gender equality and eradicating poverty and hunger through advocacy for social and distributive justice. That was when I got to know about this new program starting at the university, which seemed really intriguing to me. Hence, today I am one happy and content student studying in what I believe. The ambiance of the campus and the people involved in building it are all very helpful and sweet which made me feel right at home since the beginning. The scholarship I received to cover a part of the living expenses acted like an added cherry on top.